Working Vagabonds

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Are you a veteran remote worker that has always wanted to travel while maintaining your regular work schedule and not worrying about your next stable internet connection?

Are you a new digital nomad, and want the security of knowing your housing, professional work space, and travel arrangements have already been vetted and taken care of for you?

This travel program is for working professionals whose job allows them to work remotely, and has a need in life to experience new cultures, languages, and lands.

You will experience travel in Latin America by going to 6 different cities over a 6 month period, with approximately one month in each city.

The program is designed for those that want to travel for an extended period and like knowing the essentials are taken care of, but are then looking to get out and explore on their own. This is not a full service travel concierge program, it’s the kick to get you started safely and lets you to do the rest to fulfill your dream of becoming a “Traveler” instead of a “tourist“.