The City

Santiago de Chile, usually shortened to Santiago, is the capital and economic centre of Chile. With its museums, events, theaters, restaurants, bars and other entertainment and cultural opportunities, it is the political and cultural centre of the country. Its central location makes it a convenient base point to further explore the country.

Santiago is a fast growing city located in the central valley of Chile between the Andes mountains range to the east and the Cordillera of the Coast to the west.

Population:  City: 6.1 million (2016) Metro:  7 million (2016)

Currency:  Chilean Peso (CLP)

Fun Fact:  Due to its proximity to both mountains and the Pacific Ocean, It is possible to ski in the nearby Andes and later be on the beach, all in the same day.

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Housing and Coworking

Housing (Circled in Red)

Type:  Apartments (Studio, 2, and 3 bedroom)


Providencia: Home to a large upper middle and high-class population.  It contains many high-rise apartment buildings as well as a significant portion of Santiago’s commerce. It is notable for its large, old and elegant houses inhabited in the past by the Santiago elite and now mostly used as offices.

Coworking (Circled in Blue)

Neighborhood:  Providencia

Time from housing:  10-30 minutes depending on mode of travel and housing location

Speed:  100MB + backup

Private meeting\call rooms:  Yes

Workshops:  Yes